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US-1403375-A: Handle and connected part patent, US-1403612-A: Collar btjbsteb patent, US-1404650-A: Tool for use in woodworking patent, US-1405457-A: Hog-scraping knife patent, US-1406184-A: Armature for dynamo-electric machines patent, US-1406859-A: Pump patent, US-1406933-A: Driving mechanism for sewing machines patent, US-1407059-A: Drilling machine patent, US-1407541-A: Amd checking mechanism patent, US-1407596-A: Method of handling freight, express, and the like patent, US-1407883-A: Mechanical movement patent, US-1408655-A: Method of preparing clay for bleaching petroleum products patent, US-1408658-A: Rat killer patent, US-1408959-A: Cap for pneumatic-tire valves patent, US-1409310-A: Fuel-reserve-supply system patent, US-1409435-A: Food product and process of making same patent, US-1409625-A: Traction-power system patent, US-1410369-A: Dustpan patent, US-1410494-A: Manufacture of diaminoacridine patent, US-1411545-A: Governor for fordson tractors patent, US-1415777-A: Steam generator patent, US-1415964-A: Winding and dyeing machine patent, US-1417624-A: Automatic driver patent, US-1417661-A: Automobile lock patent, US-1418151-A: Toy electric railway patent, US-1418176-A: Combination lock patent, US-1418372-A: Refractory material and process of making the same patent, US-1418481-A: Printing and punching manifolding paper patent, US-1418551-A: Bracket patent, US-1418863-A: Buffing machine patent, US-1419107-A: Repository patent, US-141917-A: Improvement in grain-sieves patent, US-1419660-A: Swing patent, US-1419771-A: Adjustable cap patent, US-1419937-A: Window-control mechanism patent, US-1420047-A: Shock absorber patent, US-1420408-A: Clamping ear patent, US-1421231-A: Machine element patent, US-1421666-A: Door closer and check patent, US-1421698-A: Hand crowner for applying crown caps to bottles patent, US-1421711-A: Distant boiler-water-level indicator patent, US-1421782-A: Edward holmes patent, US-1422111-A: Turbine-driven locomotive patent, US-1422941-A: Water heater patent, US-1423625-A: Well-cleaning device patent, US-1423805-A: Time recorder patent, US-1424360-A: Tire patent, US-1424692-A: Combing machine patent, US-1424723-A: Knockdown metal shipping case patent, US-1424866-A: Method and means for relaying modulated carrier waves patent, US-1424973-A: Machine for manufacturing wire cages patent, US-1425060-A: Mortise lock patent, US-1425557-A: Converger for conveyers patent, US-142563-A: Improvement im fire-proof shutters patent, US-142589-A: Improvement in heaters for steasvi fire-engines patent, US-1426002-A: Salve patent, US-1426406-A: Spring shackle patent, US-1426527-A: Wire-fence clamp patent, US-1427420-A: Towel dispenser patent, US-1427659-A: Trolley harp patent, US-1428226-A: Display device patent, US-1428379-A: Pasteurizer patent, US-1428782-A: jouclard patent, US-1429107-A: Bicycle patent, US-1429387-A: Flushing hopper for shallow and deep dredgers patent, US-1430847-A: G deyicb patent, US-1431226-A: Brake-beam safety arrangement patent, US-1431530-A: Interlocking brick patent, US-1432723-A: Automobile bumper patent, US-1433272-A: Hinge for doobs patent, US-1433377-A: Amusement device patent, US-1433391-A: Scissors patent, US-1433475-A: Framing device patent, US-1433641-A: Folding typewriter patent, US-1433951-A: Three-position tractive relay patent, US-1434085-A: Process of treating ores with chloride solutions patent, US-1434124-A: Metal polish patent, US-1434599-A: Cigar cutter patent, US-1434893-A: Method of manufacturing matches without heads patent, US-1435603-A: Arrangement for hydraulically weighing loads hanging in cranes patent, US-1435750-A: Tube holding and closure means patent, US-1435850-A: Photographic-printing machine patent, US-1436015-A: Cutter for hydraulic dredges patent, US-1436939-A: Valve gear patent, US-1437609-A: Impeller patent, US-1437681-A: Telescopic hoist patent, US-1439268-A: Flush valve patent, US-1440349-A: Jar cover and gasket patent, US-1440710-A: Valve-locking device patent, US-1440745-A: Apparatus for filling and closing capsules or containers patent, US-144109-A: Improvement in bending-machines patent, US-1441641-A: Preserving receptacle patent, US-1443043-A: Package closure patent, US-1444514-A: Bottle cap and the method of making same patent, US-1446889-A: Gas generator and burner patent, US-144790-A: Improvement in shifting tops for vehicles patent, US-1447975-A: Means for heating intake manifolds for internal-combustion engines patent, US-144805-A: Improvement in washing-machines patent, US-1448539-A: Newspaper rack patent, US-1448837-A: Photographic-printing apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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